Online Insurance Administration Tool

The advantage of an online insurance administration tool is why motor carriers are endorsing the BizChoice Transportation Program to their contractors. BizChoice and OX Zion have created a product that allows the motor carrier to easily monitor the insurance policies of all their independent contracts using an online web portal called BizChoice Online. In addition, this program simplifies the settlement deduction calculations to a very easy to understand motor carrier bill allowing you to spend more time on your core business activities.

The following are a few key advantages of this tool:

  • Web Portal Available 24/7
  • Creates Easy to Use Automatic Settlement Deduction Ledger
  • Manage All Insurance Transactions
    • Submit Applications
    • Review Quote/Proposals
    • Submit Required Documentation
    • Review/Download Insurance Certificates & Policies
    • Initiate Policy or Driver Change Requests
  • Contractors apply/administrator Insurance themselves
  • One Stop for Motor Carrier Contractor Compliance even if not a participate in endorsed insurance program

Take an inside look on how the Insurance
Adminsitration Tool works